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tv   America Live  FOX News  September 6, 2013 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> he's very happy with the numbers. i am sure they are crying from indianapolis. >> no where to go but up. >> have yourself a great weekend. i certainly am. >> thanks for joining us. america live starts right now. >> we begin with a fox news alert for you. president obama is about to head home from the g20 summit in russia this hour and facing some of the most crucial days of his president so. welcome to america live everyone. i am allyson cameota in for megyn kelliy. he acknowledged the dope devoid over the call to military intervention in response to the assad regime using chemical weapons against its own people. the president intends to make the case to the american people in a white house address tuesday night. by then many in congress may have made up their minds. as of right now, the president
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is facing an uphill battle trying to win law maker support. if you add up the numbers, just 67 law makers say they support military action in syria. and the other numbers in the 167 came out against action and the rest are uncollided or have not made their position clear. the president refused to say if he will move without their report. >> the assad regime's brazen use of chemical weapons is not only a syrian tragedy, it is a threat to global peace and security. failing to respond to this breach of this international norm would send a signal to rogue nations and authority regimes and terrorist organization that they can develop and use weapons of mass destruction and not pay
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a consequence. and that's not the world we want to live in. >> our chief white house correspondent ed henrow is live in the white house. it was a remarkable press conference that the president held in st. petersburg. the president is believing he is no where close to having the votes in the house and senate to get this passed. it is a pirullous moment in the rose garden he said he wants congress to be on board and stronger if they vote yes. now it appears they may be voting no. and we know that because the president announced he will be addressing the nation tuesday as he said. this is something that republican speaker john boehner pressed him to do am saying you have to make the case with the people. the president met with the french president and russian president putinment none of that
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diplomacy is getting un action. he is dependent upon congress and if you look at what he pointed out. 150 in the house already oppose it and 241 undecided. you need 218 votes roughly that number 218 yes votes to get it passed in the house. i spoke to a aide who thinks by tuesday the president could have throw hundred house democrats and republicans saying no, we are against that. that would mean he is not close to a majority. is it to late to change the minds with the address to the nation on tuesday night. this is the preview the president plans to say. >> it threatens to destabilize the middle east and increases the rick of weapons will fall in the hands of terrorist groups and broadly threatens to unravel
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the norm embraced by the nations that represent 98 percent of the worldy people. >> that is a repeat of what we are hearing that the president said in various forums and all around the country, we are seeing law makers in both pears under pressure to not u.s. further get involved in the conflict in syria look at senator john mccain who came in favor of the intervention and faced tough criticism in a town hall yesterday. >> much of the life of the american servicemen worth. it is worth a lot more. >> there is no contemplation of putting a service person on the ground. >> you can say that now. >> i am telling you that that is not. >> never go with thatment >> it is not going to happen. >> you can hear the skepticism.
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john mccain facing in a town hall meeting and insisting that there will not be ground troops contemn plated in this mission. but constit yeaps and republicans and democrats are saying as they are home in the recess, that the public is not buying. it the president has a monumental task. >> it is a heavy lift as he called it in the press conference. look at the context now. what does the president need to do or say to get congress on board? chris stirewalt is our editor and host of the fox news. >> and he said by tuesday his sources say if you combine house demdeps and republicans, throw hundred of them claim they will say no, they would not vote for action in syria. maybe the president shouldn't
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wait until tuesday to have the address. >> that is the blow from leaders in congress to the president. remember the authorization in the senate say that the president doesn't need it to go forward. all he has to do is say there is a threat and he can act and order the military to strike and target syria and that's all there is to it. >> but this the best clue. hemade it clear he didn't put that threat that. and the situation now is this political gainsmanship. where the president and david axelrod think they can stick republicans with the blame here and say chemical weapons are used if the children of syria are killed it would be because the republicans wouldn't act in
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the house. >> it is the democrats not on board either. the president talked about how his position shifted from 2007 when he was an anti- war candidate and that moment. >> i was elected to end wars and not start them. i have spent the last four and half years doing everything i can to reduce our reliance on military power as a means of meeting our international obligations and protecting the american people. but i also know that there are times we have to make hard choices if we are going to stand up for the things we care about. >> it is interesting to hear him talk about the reversal of his
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position. what does he have to do between now and tuesday to get more democrats on board. >> i don't know that he is willing to do anything. all of the democrats in opposition and the president is sticking to the same strategy that he does on everything else in washington that is called white flag syndrome and surrender to an unworthy republican majority in the house, then he will not do anything and he will let it fall apart and say it is the fault of the republicans. but in reality and you pointed out. it is his own party. it is his own party like the congressional black caucus and others that traditionally opposed this coined of intervention. it is within his own party that the real resistance lies. and there is no getting around that. >> it is an interesting weekend. chris, thank you so much for being on. >> you bet.
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>> we'll have more background. syria's conflict erupted. the crack down turned violent. since then, more than 100,000 people are believed to be killed in the civil war. 40,000 of those civilians and 5,000 of the victims were children. by march of this year. reports of a chemical attack in the city of a leppo 25 of those people killed and some of them soldiers and we have had reports of other chemical weapons attacks. but the largest in the suburbs of damascus. more than 1400 people were killed in the chemical weapon attack and including 400 innocent children. toiny bodies lay on the floor and no marks visible and locks as if they were sleeping. >> it was this attack that prompted president obama to call
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for u.s. military intervention. those escaping the horror of syria, live in refugee camps and there are more than 2 million refugee, many of those children and others without their families and many liked scarred by what they have seen. so remember you can get the latest developments on the croisis in syria from washington and beyond. visit fox news first. and sign up for the fox first note and enter into your e-mail and click the sign up button and fox news first. a grand jury indicted hernandez in the death of his friend odon lloyd. there will be an intense legal battle. we have more from massachusetts. hi, molly? >> hi, ally, today's arraignment
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moves it from the district court level to the superior court. aaron hernandez is facing more than murder charges. he's facing weapon charges unlawful possession of a fire arm and rifle and two counts of unlawful ammunition of a large capacity weapon. the tight end has been held without bail in the briftol house of correcognition since late june since he was first charged with the murder of odin lloyd. his body was found close to hernandez's home in june 17th. hernandez has twice denied bail at the district court level and superior court level and unclear we'll hear about bail arguments today and unclear if we will hear about a trial date. arraignments are brief. the amount of protocol that is put in place. the scene inside of the courtroom today.
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64 seats, and some to the family of the recommend and some to the defendant's family and the rest between the public and media and they are begin wristbands as to who can sit in the seats. there is a crack down to insure the safety and calm in the courthouse as well. >> makes sense. thank you for the up date molly. >> a new report suggest that the u.s. unemployment situation is not getting better. we'll bring you the numbers and real- life romeo and jouleiet here in the united states. two teens run away over the objections of their parents with their intense relationship. and iran is preparing a response to a military strike in syria. u. up next, we'll look at what this could mean. ♪
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>> new monthly job numbers released today. 169 jobs were added in august and that was fewer than expected and the unemployment rate dropped to sen.3 percent because of americans stop looking for work and no longer counted as unemployed and the number of people looking for work is in the lowest level in 35 years. next hour we'll have a panel of experts that break do you know what today's numbers mean for you and the overall economy. well, the wall street journal reporting that the u.s. intercepted a troubling communication connected with the crisis in syria. any kind of u.s. involvement could trigger an attack on our interest. iran ordering mill tans in iraq
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to attack the u.s. embassy in baghdad and this is a growing list was retaliation threats that are coming from across the region. here is the ceo of concerned veterans was america. great to have you here. >> this is a troubling report. the wall street journal intercepted the communication from iran, not surprising but scary. >> not surprising. syria is a proxy for iran and iran sees syria as a first trench and they will prevent and deter any action big or small as it might be and use all of their assets and hesbollah and lebanon. and good force means jerusalem force. we need to be remind have had where their focus is. te ron to going to israel you go through baghdad, and damascus is
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syria and iran. that will signal aggression on syria is on iran. >> we need to be worried about retaliation if the u.s. strikes. >> absolutely. >> isn't that part of the cal can youulous of our commanders and recognize there is a retalitory attack. >> no plan survives first contact with the enemy. it will have a ripple affect and iranian play to syria is that is so unpalatable for the united states. there is bluffing involved and some forces say they will eradicate israel. israel will deal with those threats. this is not a trigger with a stand down with israel. we better be prepared for hesbollah to react and damascus, in baghdad and elsewhere in our embassies in the region and world and hesbollah has cells in
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europe and elsewhere and they have had time. when you signal what you are going to do and wait for congressional action. iran and syria are able to plot what they will do next. >> we are pulling out staffers from different embassies is that the preparation. >> that's what we have done for months now, pulling back and stepping back and not projecting strength. that is the problem. we look weak and we are planning to pull out. >> what should we be doing. it is tough to back it up. this president drew a redline that is not a redline and we have is not weak signals that are reverberating now. and a small extra teggic strike but insure you don't get drawn in the regional war. >> how dow do that? >> i am first to admit it is
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incoherent. his credibility is ours. it is unteenable because he is erratic and incoherent. and he doesn't want to call them threats and yet wants to lob missiles in syria and iran and russia and putin have the upper hand in the geo political chess game and the united states seems to be losing. >> iran making these noises that is not a reason for us not to do it. >> it is a calculation and the president would need to step up and say if we do x, y, and z may happen. and his case to congress locks like a no vote. everyone wants a quick and easy war. and there is no such thing. >> why can't we just lob a tomahawk missile from our destroyers and take out some of the chemical weapons warehouses. >> we can and probably will and
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stand back. but a good example offia that doesn't work. libya and controlled by islamist and rebels. you create that vacum, bad things happen. and syria is more complicated because you have iranian backed assad and al-qaeda backed rebels. who do we want to support and balance? it is not clear and that's why it doesn't cut against the congress as well. >> law of unintended consequences are always in play. >> there are new details about a high school stabbing in texas that left a student dead. wait until you hear what led to the fight. and two teenagers a focus of a manhunt. a modern-day romeo and jouleiet. there parents are begging for their safe return. >> there are horrible people out there and they are two babies.
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new details on a high school stabbing spree that left a student dead. the one charged with murder. he told them that the fight began after an argument when he bumped into a student in the ca feteria. investigators believe a gang rivalry is the motive and that etcalated in a series of stabbing. a student not involved in the argument was killed and three others injured. bond is set at 150,$000. and the parents of two michigan
10:26 am
run aways are pleading for them to just come home. the young couple age 13 and 14 took off in a family vehicle days ago and no one has seen them since. trace? >> the girl's mom said it sounds like they fell off the face of the earth. jade ep thomas and her by friend braxton wood. they took off on august 26th after jaden's mom told her that her relationship was too intense and she no longer approved. they fled in a black ford exploser and missing now len days. listen to their parents. >> we are not mad or upset. we just want them home and make sure they are safe. >> it is a cruel world and there is mean and horrible people out there and they are two babies by themselves trying to take on the world. >> as you know, neither one of
10:27 am
them is old enough to drive and left with 80 bucks in cash. they thought they would met to florida but don't believe they had enough money and the working theory they are still in michigan. a camera captured their license plate crossing a michigan bridge and a couple of pings from the cell phones have been registered on local towers. they have other evidence that they are in the state but will not reveal what that is. the parents wanted an amber alert issued and the cops say no. they left on l own. police keep eyes open and hope that the kids will come to their senses. >> they are 13 and 14 years old. they can't live on their own. >> it is a nightmare. you don't know what to do or go and call. >> and the working theory, they are in michigan, but police have a couple of tips from texas and
10:28 am
pennsylvania. and doesn't so the car, but these tipsters saw two teenagers who they thought might be them and right now, they believe they are in the state of michigan. ally. so scary and let's hope they come home before someone gets hurt. nright. >> there is a controversial policy spreading through the schools as letters are is not home to parents of students that are overweight. it is a motivational tool or plain mean. >> one u.s. law makers breaking the silence on her child and how the child beat the odds. >> president obama preparing to address the nation on tuesday night. it is a brazen use of chemical weapons and we'll debate the challenges he's facing in winning support on intervention and wawill happen if he can't make a convincing case.
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>> security concerns in the middle east prompting the state department to order nonessential u.s. embassy staffers to leave
10:33 am
beiut. and lebanon and southeastern turkey to limit travel. this comes as president obama and congress debate launches strikes on neighboring syria we are getting reports that russia is sending another ship in the eastern mediterranean stoking fears of a larger conflict. russia is settling them in to organize a evacuation of russians out of syria. >> and earlier meeting with russia president vladimar putin and said they had a candid and constructive conversation about sya and president obama tried to convince our allies for calls for action and president obama trying to win support here at home. he tends to address the american people on tuesday night.
10:34 am
recent polls show 29 percent are in favor of strikes and 48 percent are against them and rest don't know at this point. and he will face an uphill battle in congress and senate and house. 67 law makers support the military action in syria. and 167 came out against and the rest are undecided or have not made their position clear. the president refuses to say if he will move forward without their support and he believes that a military response is the right thing to do. >> it is tough because people do look to the united states. and the question for the american people is that responsibility they are willing to bear. and i believe that when you have a limited porportional strike like this not iraq with boots on the ground and a long-drawn-out affair, not without any risks,
10:35 am
but with manageable ricks we should be willing to bear that responsibility. >> what does the president need to do next. allen is a host of the shown. and lorn is here. >> and allen what does the president need to say? >> he has a tough hill to climb. he has congress against him and american people against him on this. and he has to lay out and define what is the obama doctrine and what are the risks here and under what circumstances do we do this. and sudan or burma and go every place there is a dictator who is doing something we can't approve it. redline, i played what he said. he didn't say it was not a war. but said there is a now cal can youulous. and now he has to somehow live up to that statement or we look
10:36 am
weak. the strength in not acting and we are getting in the middle of somebody else's civil war. >> the president admitted in st. pertsburg lowers. >> allen and i are on the same page. this is a danger of having a president who was back as a senator couldn't make tough decisions and hasn't made tough decisions as a president and doesn't have a policy not only to syria but the whole middle east and look at what we have done in the middle east. it seems to be on fire and america's fingerprints are in libya and egypt and now syria he boxed himself in a corner. and let's say he wanted to aid the rebels before the al-qaeda elements moved in and there were perhaps syrian free army that are moderate. he didn't do it.
10:37 am
in fact he promised to deliver arms to the rebels and they haven't delivered a single gun. >> i wish the conservatives who are against obama with whom i agree were against what really caused the hornet's nest we created in the bush administration. >> oh, please. >> i wish there was consistency there. >> in terms of going to the united nations as president bush did. president obama it doesn't seem like considered going to the united nations and gave a fascinating press conference he explained why he is circumhaven'ting them. >> i would greatly prefer working through multilateral channels and through the united nations to get it down. but ultimately, what i believe
10:38 am
in more deeply because i think that the security of the world and my particular task looking out for the national security of the united states requires, that when there is a breach, this brazen, of a norm this important, and the international community is paralyzed and frozen, and doesn't act, then that norm begins to unravel. >>ulars the un is frozen. >> that is hog wash. that is pure hog wash. putin's government announced they believe it is the rebels rather than assad. the president and occury said they have proof it was assad and yesterday, the russians announced if they are presented with the proof they will back a military strike. >> you believe them?
10:39 am
>> they have thrown down the challenge if obama has it throw his cards on the table. but the idea we have the proof but not show it to the american people and not talk about what damage might be done and whether or not hesbollah has chemical weapons. there is a bunch of questions and all you get from the obama generals and administration we'll have to talk about that in secret and don't want to share it. >> allen what about going to the un. >> i think la res is correct. he has to go to the un and security council. the un does things feeding kids and here's the case where they could step in. they have 2 million refugees in syria. we could do humanitarian aide and other ways besides militarity. >> it sounds like he knows that
10:40 am
russia and china would never vote for military intervention. >> at lost go and make your case. >> make the case. by the way, one thing we should remember, no american president should prefer to work through an international body. they should make decisions for america about the best interests of america. and we don't have a defined interest there. i am taking the president work through the un. and we are a sovereignty country. he is using excuses not to go there. show us the proof and we'll back. >> he has to work through the un to do this properly and he could have done in libya strike without advance notice and inform congress in 48 hours and out in 90 days. >> that worked out with well. >> i don't agree we should have invaded libya.
10:41 am
i wouldn't have supported. and it is confusing what should the process be here? >> it is an intense next few days as the president tries to make the case here. it was fascinating to watch you guys agree. >> allen, glad you agreed to me. >> sing kumba ya. >> in a commercial break. >> a judge is fighting a sentence he himself gave down after he gave a teach are 30 days in jail after raping a student. and a letter is not out saying kids are too fat. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that. >> a man facing charges of kidnapping in texas as two quick thinking teenagers noticed the victim pleading for help from the back seat of the car. >> she was going help me, help
10:42 am
me. and she was like hitting the back wind shield. she looked frantic. and she was hitting that back wind shield. for over 18 years, we've helped people take care of the things that matter most. join today.
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>> controversial new initiative by schools in the country have many students and parents up in arms. letters is not home to parents noting if their child is overweight. schools in 19states conducting annual weigh ins and test the bmi index. and so founder and president of national action against obsessitty and she will debate the clinical psychologistment 19 states in the country this september are considering to sending these letters home and the students call them fatlers. and a lot of parents bristle at the idea that their kids are
10:46 am
weighed and support home with the letters. >> it is data. don't be made at data. be mad at how we feed american kids. schools have a stake. you eat better you behave and keeping children safe. parents fail to see the degree of the weight problem and so stepping this information is helpful. >> it is an eye-opener. they may not know their kids are classified obese? >> they may not know the bmi is too much. but they know their kids are having issues with weight and they are working on those issues within their families and perhaps not doing a great job at it. it is something that brings a lot of conflict, eating too much or not enough. i do believe that the schools are well meaning and it is data, but conflicts around weight
10:47 am
issues too much or too little. anorex anorexia obessities and they should be handled by the family and physician. they need to see the pedtregzs and then advising the kids in private manner. >> the threat of eating disorders. so many wrestle with eating disorders and being weighed and having a letter. isn't this a case for concern. >> don't forget overwet and oboes is a eating disorder and that is acting most americans, diabetes and cancer and all of these health rick with overeating and trying to address it earlier in a person's life is vital. this is information and not saying it out loud doesn't make it go away.
10:48 am
it is a preliminary screening and if people were feeding children healthfully it is a nonissue. >> s is a score parents are getting for failing their children. >> getting a fat letter does that mean parents will change the ways? >> parents will be oppositional to that sort of thing. this really your business to get involved in? i think the schools should look at hey, let's put exercise programs out there and have education as far as what healthy eating is and not having enough food in your system and causing eating disorder. >> education instead of the letters and that is a stigma for a kid. fat letter coming home. >> children should be concerned and it is a shame to put them in that position. adults are overweight and unhealthy adults.
10:49 am
we create an environment where we are not setting a good example and children are fearful of growing up like mefrn adults. this is grades for school work and if you have a slols onnis and hearing and eyesight screening. this is more information. parents don't want to be told the truth. th's the problem. >> when you are sending that information on, you are not sending on the counseling with it. >> how do we know that? >> anyone from the school sitting down with the parents, saying, your child has a eating eating disorder and maybe there is a problem in the dynamics. >> and speak with the pedtrician and family doctor. >> and the letter in a vacouple classifying your child doesn't help. chances are if you look at your child you would know they are overweight. >> studies she we have blinders on. what used to be normal.
10:50 am
chubby is normal and obese is chubby like we have lost our minds with seeing what the reality of what obesity is like. a normal child looks darn norm. remember the '70s or am i older than both of you? as an initial screening, it's a red flag. >> our impressions have changed. bottom line here is we shouldn't throw the baby out with the bath water? no one is doing that. >> i'm not suggesting that. the data is good. we should have that. what we need to look at is a different approach as far as getting to these families. more than anything you will just shut them down because there are dynamics causing the overeating or the undereating. >> i'm sorry. >> it's a great debate. i invite all your comments on twitter. find me at alisyn camerota. thank you very much. >> we'll discuss this over
10:51 am
lunch. >> get a bagel. thanks very much. two quick thinking teenagers being called heroes today. their dramatic 911 call that led to this alleged kidnapper's arrest. alwaysave time to eat like i should. and the more i focus on everything else, the less time i have to take care of me. that's why i like glucerna shakes. they have slowly digestible carbs to help minimize blood sugar spikes. glucerna products help me keep everything balanced. [ golf clubs clanking ] [ husband ] i'm good! well, almost everything. [ male announcer ] glucerna. delicious shakes and bars. helping people with diabetes find balance.
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here's some new video from daring rescue of a kidnapping in progress in texas. politician arresting charles lewis junior after getting a 911 call from two teenagers who spotted the victim in the back seat of his car. that call is now being released and the two teenagers are hailed as heroes. casey stegall is live from dallas. tell us more. >> absolutely fascinating. it started when a 25-year-old woman was kidnapped at gunpoint leaving her office building
10:55 am
downtown in dallas. an hour later, ii teens riding near kaufman, texas, about 35 miles southeast noticed a woman in the back seat of a car at a stoplight. she made contact with them and she mouthed something to them. clearly it sounded fishy and they called 911. >> i'm on the highway. i'm witnessing a robbery. me and another guy we're looking at the woman in the back seat. she's kind of attractive and then all of a sudden the guy turned back looking at us. we looked in the back seed and the blond me fail was saying help me or something whips sperring something. oh, my god i'm hoping the guy behind me is a police officer. it's not. oh, my god. >> they followed the car for 30 minutes until police caught up. check this out, dashcam video rolling as the officer cut the vehicle off. all the while those teens are on the line with that dispatcher
10:56 am
and their reaction is caught on tape. listen. >> thank god! you guys are awesome. oh, my god, get him! oh, my god! >> 37-year-old charles atkins lewis junior is now behind bars charged with aggravated kidnapping. a motive is not clear whether he knew the victim. those teens say they do not consider themselves heroes but the woman says she certainly owes her life to those quick thinking boys. a ali. >> she sure does. i look more about the back story and how the kidnapping happened. casey stegall, thanks so much. meanwhile we are learning more about the potential for the u.s. involvement in syria's civil war. what the u.s. military is working on and live report from the pentagon. plus a troubling new sign for our economy and recovery as we get the latest unemployment numbers and research suggests prospects are bleak for millions of americans. it appears a judge wants to
10:57 am
undo his lenient sentence for a teacher who raped a student but are obstacles in the way?
10:58 am
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fox news alert as we learn new details on potential scope of the military strike on the assad regime in syria. this as president obama prepares to return home from the g twenty summit in russia where world leaders failed to reach any firm agreement how to respond to the alleged massacre of innocent people. they have not agreed to back a potential u.s. strike without united nations approval. meanwhile, the navy is keeping its options open in the region. in the mediterranean sea there are four strike groups, one carrier and four amphibious ships each carrying four or more tomahawk missiles. jennifer is live at the pentagon doing great reporting for us.
11:01 am
what's the latest? >> hi. pentagon planners have been asked to revise their strike times more than 50 times we're told. to suggest whether decision have been made to use b 50 bombers or b-52 bombers for air strikes is misleading. as one official said our mission has not crept. the president pushed back on these reports as well in terms of mission creep, here's what he sai said. >> one military official told nbc news, characterized it as mission creep. can you respond to that report? >> that report is inaccurate. i'm not going to comment on operational issues that are sourced by some military officia official. >> the more time that goes on and the more assad moves his assets around, target sets are being refined and updated
11:02 am
according to pentagon officials, forcing pentagon planners to alter and adapt the means of delivering a strike, suggesting there could be some air assets involved but not necessarily. these strikes would still be standoff missions, we're told unlikely to have u.s. bombers over syrian airspace. the president admitted it's understandable people have concerns about a slippery slope. >> what if we execute this strike and then he decides to use chemical weapons again? do we strike again? well, that's the definition of further entanglement. that's the definition of our becoming deeply involved in a wa war. >> that was senator susan collins. pentagon officials are watching the russian warships entering the mediterranean but are not over-ly concerned we're told. according to one defense official we at least see the russians as rational actors.
11:03 am
>> thank you. meanwhile the refugee crisis in syria and region getting progressively worse. the human toll is staggering. to date, more than 2 million people have crossed the borders with many more expected to follow. an estimated 5,000 syrians leaving their homes everyday. more than half the refugees are children under the age of 17. another 4.2 million people are displaced within syria. meanwhile, they've been forced from their homes but are still inside that war torn country. now, the syrian people are considered the most displaced people on earth. the u.s. state department now ordering some americans to get out of countries in the middle east where they may be at risk. u.s. authorities citing unspecified possible threats and they're evacuating non-emergency personnel and family members from lebanon and southeast turkey bordering the war torn syria. and leland vittert has more.
11:04 am
hi, leland. >> this all comes down to limiting the number of targets syria or iran could retaliate against. beirut could be on the top of that list. the u.s. has a bloody history inside beirut. back in the 1980s, the man wo would go on to be one of the leaders of hezbollah was in charge of the bombs in beirut and large thought iranians could order retaliation and syrians could use expertise to order a retaliatory strike because of their u.s. interests and hezbollah the iranian financed military group heavily on the side of bashar al assad and also has the capability of retalia retaliating down in the south against israel, a key u.s. ally here. this all comes as everyday that
11:05 am
goes by the u.s. doesn't strike one more day the iranians and syrians how they would want to retaliate. at the same time, we're learning more and more about the syrian rebels we may end up helping with an air strike against president assad. this video came out. we can only show you a still picture. it is just that graphic. it shows syrian rebels executing syrian soldiers they have captured. the syrian soldiers are the men laying down without their shirts on. later in the video they are then shot. this is one of the videos of rebels allied with the al qaeda cin syndicate groups but also committing atrocities of their own, torturing prisoners and clearly folks not all that advantageous for the united states if they took over syria or took over syria's more advanced weapons systems. it's becoming a growing problem
11:06 am
as the pentagon is learning more about the people that are the rebels. one thing to figure out who are the good guys and then figuring out if there are any good guys to get behind if the united states decides to amp s ts to rebels. >> it is so complicated and that video is gruesome. thanks for explaining it to us. coming up we will examine the potential options for a strike with the former deputy secretary of the army. chris wallace covering both sides of the syrian debate and speak with white house chief of staff denis mcmcdonough and kentucky senator rand paul an influential member of the foreign relations committee who opposes military action in s syria. a new warning about the impact obamacare could have on the cost of insurance in some different states.
11:07 am
the manhattan institute for policy research looked at 13 states plus washington d.c. and found that nine of those will see increases in premiums while five will see decreases. it says nfl wi s new mexico wil hardest hit with a 130% rate hike followed by south decade, vermont and connecticut. and maine, a decrease of 71% and followed by colorado, new york and ohio. let's start with the states with the biggest increases. why would new mexico have a 130% rise in costs? >> remember, the way this law works, it has all sorts of new mandated benefits and regulations on health care policies. the states that don't have all of these requirements already, those are the states where costs are going to go up very significantly. i think the important point of this study, remember, when
11:08 am
obamacare was debated four years ago, the big selling point for obamacare was it's going to cost less, right? we will bend that cost curve down and health care costs are going to fall. now, we're finding this study and this dovetails with many others that have found the same thing, costs actually will rise for a majority of the people in terms of their premiums, which is bad news for people who are already having a hard time paying for their health care bill bills. >> interestingly the kaiser family foundation not just the manhattan policy institute, kaiser released their findings and found premiums for individuals are coming in lower than was predicted by the cbo. so maybe all the fear of the dire warnings of prices spiking are not try or at least overblown? >> i doubt that. you're right, there are two competing studies here. here is the longer term problem and why i think kaiser has the
11:09 am
story wrong here. one thing that we know is going to happen and a lot of suppo supporters of obamacare made this case, you will have more and more healthy people drop out of the market for health care. if that happens you only have sick people in this market and older people and get what we call in insurance spiral, dust spiral and more and more healthy people fall out as costs go up. that's the problem with making obamacare fiscally solvent. one way around that is to continue to increase the taxpayer subsidies to pay for obamacare so the patient doesn't pay for it, the taxpayer does. when we're already running a trillion dollar deficit, how do you do that? i think the costs will probably rise and will put a real pinch on family budgets. >> let's look at states where there is good news. maine, colorado, new york, ohio. what are they doing right that they get big decreases, like
11:10 am
maine, 71%? >> first of all, they're getting decreases because the cost of health care is already so expensive in those states. i don't know about maine but let's take new york. the cost of health care is more expensive in new york than any other state. as you move into this obamacare system, a state that has super sized costs, their costs are going to fall. the costs that actually have affordable health care, those are the ones that will see their costs rise. >> the one group of people that seem to really be benefitting from obamacare, and it's a godsend for them are those with pre-existing conditions. >> of course. >> maybe it would have been best to just tackle that than this overarching system and zero in where we had the problems. >> you've got it exactly right, alisyn. that is the most attractive feature of the obamacare plan that people who have pre-existing conditions, i have a member of my family who has a
11:11 am
pre-existing condition and costs are incredibly expensive and would bankrupt the family if costs were paid for out-of-pocket. you don't have to change the entire health care system. if you look at polls. 90% of people who have health insurance today like the coverage they have, happy with it. that's one of the reasons we're seeing a lot of union members object to obamacare because they have attractive cadillac coverage plans that would be worse under obamacare than they have right now. >> it's complicated. thanks for helping explain it for us. have a great weekend. >> thank you. nasa is preparing, i should say, for a return to a familiar place, the moon. we'll tell you about this new mission and its goals. teachers up in arms and in the streets. we'll tell you why they're going up against riot police and blocking access to major airport.
11:12 am
miracle on capitol hill. it all started with a prognosis no parent ever wants to hear, including this congresswoman. >> as the doctor was giving us the diagnose, s -- diagnosis, s was kicking. we're totally broken, sobbing, asking what can be done? is there anything that can be done? she's moving inside of me and the doctor is saying, no, there is no option. this is fatal. that was difficult to take. ibou. vietnam in 1972. [ all ] fort benning, georgia in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve military members, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
11:13 am
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11:15 am
why are a group of angry teachers blocking access to mexico city's airport? riot police were on hand to get people inside the terminal and traffic backed up for miles as they shut down a highway. this is the latest of a series of sometimes violent protests over reforms in mexico.
11:16 am
the pentagon and the president now responding to reports on the scope of the potential u.s. strike against syria. we've learned that the defense department has been asked to revise their plans more than 50 times since president obama began considering a quote limited military action. what could the plans now entail? a former deputy assistant secretary of the army and chair of american defense international. nice to see you jr, van. >> good to be with you. >> our pentagon reporter, jennifer griffin, found out these pentagon planners have been asked more than 52 times, sorry, 50 times to revise their plan how and what they would attack in syria. to my civilian ear that sounds like a lot. give us context. are these plans always revised often? >> to the people i talked to in the military, it's an awful lot. there's a lesson to be learned
11:17 am
here. this is why you don't go around drawing red lines in the sand without a military strategy and foreign policy and defense budget to support that strategy. we cut our defense budget drastically the last couple of years while the russians are expected to increase their 59% between now and alisyn, what you're talking about, i believe what's going on is this. the administration wants to and thinks that they can go in and do a very short military strike and get out and stop it. the military is going back to the administration and saying, guys, it doesn't work this way. there are consequences that you have to be prepared for when you undertake a military strike no matter how short and no matter how surgical. >> there are also reports today the target list has been revised. originally, we thought the target was just going to be the chemical weapons warehouses. today, it sounds as though the pentagon planners are preparing for strikes on military units
11:18 am
that protect and prepare the chemical weapons, on military headquarters, on rockets and artillery, on long range missile sites and on air defenses. that actually makes more sense, doesn't it, van? >> yeah. they're looking at more what we call command and control type of targets as well as targets that have the ability to deliver chemicals and other weaponry as well as you have to consider this, we actually wrote an op-ed for fox yesterday about this, to look at the military weaponry and equipment that assad has, is very sophisticated. they have some very sophisticated anti-ship missi missiles. a supersonic anti-ship cruise missile that can go out to 300 kilometers. before you undertake a military strike you better consider the capability of systems like that and try to take out those kinds of systems first. they've also got the s 300 air defense missile system.
11:19 am
this is serious business, alisyn. putin alluded to the fact that he had suspended that. let me tell you, they began that shipment earlier this year. assad is on record back in may saying that they received the first delivery of these s 300s. these things, these s-300 missiles, alisyn, have the ability to shoot down incoming aircraft and cruise missiles at a range of up to 200 kilometers. so all these kinds of things have to go into your military planning and the equation before you just decide to undertake a military strike for show. >> yeah. it's complicated obviously. as a journalist, i like hearing all this information and getting all this information and debating it. but are we supposed to be talking about all these plans this publicly? are we taking away the element of surprise? >> that's the frustration of the military. we have the best military and
11:20 am
fighting military in the world. but we have telegraphed everything we will do. we have given them, the assad regime, ample opportunity to move the various command and control units around, move these chemical cachets around. by telegraphing it we made it much more difficult to undertake a successful military strike. >> then do you think the plan, as we understand it today, in terms of what the targets are, in terms of it being limited, do you think that will accomplish the goal of degrading assad's chemical weapons. >> no, i don't. let me tell you why. i'm one who believes in the old ronald reagan test. there must be a vital national security interest. where is that national security interest? your military mission has to be carefully defined and you have to have an end game. where is the end game with such a strike? because of the linkage to putin, they will be able to reconstitute the military quickly. putin sold them $4.4 billion
11:21 am
worth of hardware last year. syria is the largest importer of russian weaponry in the entire middle east. my concern is a very short military strike for show will enable them to reconstitute their military very quickly because of their linkage to the old kbg agent, vladimir putin. >> you can read more of van hipp's wisdom and position on the fox news column. >> thank you. you can get the latest development on the crisis in syr syria. visit fox news first and sign up for our daily fox news note and simply enter your e-mail into the line and click that sign-up button. don't miss out on information. a washington state congresswoman speaking out for the first time about her new baby girl and how she survived a condition that is normally considered fatal. new jobs numbers raising fresh concerns about the u.s.
11:22 am
economy and why experts say a lower unemployment rate can actually be a bad thing. the judge who gave that former teacher accused of raping a student 30 days in jail now asking for a do-over. is that possible? let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help u eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge.
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11:25 am
a washington state congresswoman and her husband alrea are speaking out for the first time about her new baby girl and their remarkable journey. her newborn face d grim odds diagnosed with potter's syndrome considered fatal but she is beating the odds. how is this possible. >> it appears baby abigail is
11:26 am
the first baby ever to survive this diagnosis. congresswoman jamie butler found out when she was five months pregnant that baby abigail had pott potter's syndrome and had no kidneys and little to no amniotic fluid and the lungs shrink and does not allow the baby to develop. the congresswoman and her husband were stunned? i don't know anything can prepare you for that kind of diagnosis it floored us. on the one hand we're first time parents, excited. we get this news. it was devastating. >> one of the difficult things was it wasn't there was a slim chance of survival. there is zero chance of survival. every doctor we talked to said -- experienced kidney doctors said they've never seen, know of no baby who survived. >> many women get that news and decide to abort the baby.
11:27 am
the beutlers went in search of any kind of treatment to save abigail and found doctors at john hopkins willing to give it a try. the doctor injected several rounds of saline solution into the congresswoman's abdomen to give fluids and some room for the baby's lungs to grow and it worked. she was born july 15th and breathing room air ever since. doctors call his success quote phenomenal. she's on dialysis until she gets a little older. >> usually around a year-to-year and half she will receive a kidney transplant. the kidney transplant success rate now is so good that we would predict a full adult life. >> the beutlers are going public with their story to let others know if they get a diagnosis of p
11:28 am
potters' syndrome, there is hope. >> that is amazing. neonatal medicine has really made tremendous strides. a great story. thank you. meanwhile, a possible setback for the u.s. economy. what the august jobs report shows that has experts worried. and four decades after first walking on the moon, nasa is coming back. ♪ ♪ -- who gets the allstate safe driving bonus check. rock beats scissors! [ chuckles ] wife beats rock. and with two checks a year, everyone wins. [ female announcer ] switch today and get two safe driving bonus checks a year for driving safely. only from allstate. call 866-906-8500 now. [ dennis ] zach really loves s new camera. problem is...this isn't zach. it's a friend of a friend who was at zach's party and stole his camera. but zach's got it covered... with allstate renters insurance.
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confidential developing right now new numbers raising fresh concerns about the u.s. economy. just within 69,000 jobs were added in august, far fewer than expected. the unemployment rate dropped to 7.3%. that's because more americans stopped looking for work. jim angle is live in washington here to explain all this. >> hi, alisyn. you're right. the report today shows the unemployment rate dropped one-tenth of a percent to 7.3% and this continues to be the slowest economic recovery since the 1930s. the drop in the rate isn't nearly as encouraging as it look looks. >> the headline numbers were encouraging. when you look northeast tundern
11:33 am
surface you find very discouraging signs. half a million americans dropped out of the labor force. >> whiteout officials put the best face on it they could. >> another solid and steady month of job growth if you look over the last 12 months, the economy has added 2.2 million job jobs. >> the unemployment rate only measures those actively looking for work so the half a million who dropped out of the workforce account for much of the drop in the jobless rate. the percentage of americans working is the lowest in decades. >> only 63.2% of adult americans either have a job or are looking for a job the lowest rate since august 1978, 35 years ago. >> not only that, the job growth in june and july were revised downward by a total of 74,000 jobs. there was plenty of advice on what to do about all this from
11:34 am
all quarters. a bipartisan group for tax reform said that would boost the economy. senator harry reid and a number of liberal democrats argued the opposite saying we need higher taxes and the budget and sequester have hurt job growth. one liberal group referred to what they call today's disappointing job report shows the labor market is improving only at a glacial pace compared to what's needed to restore employment to normal levels. one of the most troubling numbers this year has been the naggingly high number of what are known as discouraged workers, the number of people who would like to have work and given up looking because they can't find anything. alisyn, that number stands at 866,000. >> terrible. thanks so much for breaking that down for us. for more on what these numbers mean for the u.s. economy. let's bring in our panel, matt mccall, simon constable from the
11:35 am
wall stre "wall street journal" and charles payne from the fox business network. charles, i'll start with you. the august numbers lower than expected, revised numbers pretty markedly. what does that tell you? >> gigantic revision. we are stuck in a real serious rut. you have to be worried about the pegues rate, how many people getting off the sofa hitting the bricks and out of this job market. apologists say this is attriti . this is a young people phenomena. young people are not participating in this economy and not trying to find a job. that bodes ill for years to come not just right now. >> it's actually worse than it sounds. the number wasn't as good. you look at what jobs were created. retail, 44,000 of that. 160 or so,000. restaurants and bars, 27,000. temp hiring, 13,000. the highly paid manufacturing jobs aren't really coming back. >> zero construction. >> this isn't the type -- if
11:36 am
this was a normal recovery you'd have some temporary jobs, some retail, some hospitality jobs and some really high paying jobs as well all mixed in there. we're not seeing that this time. it's bad. >> it seems like one of the bright spots, auto manufacturing they have been adding jobs. americans are buying more cars now than any time since 2007. does that mean they're optimistic? >> i don't think optimistic, interest rates are going up. auto and home two of the biggest purchases you make and people rely on interest rates and think it's the last chance to get in on autos and the age is 11 years the highest ever been. they have these olds jalopies and forced buy a car. if you want to find one bright spot in this horrible report maybe that's it. >> people dropping out of the workforce, then what? what does that mean?
11:37 am
>> it means someone has to feed them and clothe them and entertain them. i have to tell you something. teenagers, there were no jobs created for teenagers this summer. the participation rate is shocking particularly for white teenagers. in 1978 august it was 62%, now it's down to 35%. that's scary stuff, someone has to look psychologically that our kids are giving up on the american dream, dovetails with everything. owning a house opposed to renting, getting married. i call it dropout nation. a lot of people, particularly young people have dropped out. >> as a teenager i scooped ice cream at friendly's, i was fantastic by the way at that. >> i can see your wrist action. >> i know my ice cream. is what charles is talking about because teenagers don't want to have fast-food jobs municip s a because they don't exist? >> i think it's increasingly hard to get them, i really do.
11:38 am
we are seeing a situation where people are taking whatever they can. it used to be you graduated from high school or college you could go out and try a number of different things. now to get a basic jobs, people are saying, where's your degree to serve coffee or whatever it is. >> is that right? >> increasingly so. a lot of people are overqualified for their positions. >> i would disagree and i'm hiring right now and the first thing, what are my benefits? a lots of people are living at home until they're 25 years old, okay with mom and dad cooking for them and paying no rent. >> i think this generation feels a little more entitled. >> i work with young folks and they're tremendously dedicated. hard to generalize. i know plenty of people who want to get a great job and want to try a career and terrified to leave jobs they've got. >> speaking of young people, the
11:39 am
fertility rate has just ticked up for the first time in years. people are going back to having babies. isn't that a good sign? >> that's a fantastic sign. that means you have faith in the future that these kids you're having will have a future. my son is 16. i asked him recently if he felt like the future would be bright for him. he tells me he's scared but feels like it's bright. >> that number scares me. 35% participation rate. these kids are having kids. they can't have jobs and are having kids and more people on the deposit's tab. to me -- on the government's tab. that scares the heck out of me. >> they stopped for a while. >> put it another way. it stopped declining. it plateau'd out. stopped declining and say, hey, maybe the economy isn't in free fall. we're not having really a boom again, are we? >> you have to have the birthrates up. europe will have problems the next 20, 30 years because of such a low birthrate, same thing for japan. we're not too far behind. this is a critical thing for us. >> okay, this weekend,
11:40 am
everybody, get out there and help the birthrate, if we tell you nothing else in these two hours. great to talk to you guys, thanks so much. a montana judge says he made a huge mistake. as you know this story, he sentenced that teacher convicted of raping a 14-year-old student to just 30 days in jail. now, what he's trying to do to fix it is being met with big legal questions. >> what i said was demeaning to all women, not what i believe in. and irrelevant to the sentencing. i owe all our fellow citizens an apology. heart healthy, huh?! ugh! actually progresso's soup has pretty bold flavor. i love bold flavors! i'd love it if you'd open the chute!
11:41 am
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that help nascar win with our fans. ... ... ... ... ... ...
11:43 am
montana's attorney general is asking the supreme court to block a judge's efforts to resents a man. the judge came under fire for
11:44 am
sentencing a rapist for 30 days in jail and the victim shared responsibility for what happened. that victim committed suicide before he went to jail. the judge said he made a big mistake and that may come as little solace for the victim's mother. >> i made some references to the victim's age and control. i'm not sure just what i was attempting to say at that point but it didn't come out correct. what i said was demeaning to all women, not what i believe in. and irrelevant to the sentencing. i owing all our fellow citizens and apology. >> i was floored. i thought there was a minimum sentence. i don't know. i'm -- my faith in the justice system is gone. >> joining me now to debate what's next are david, a criminal defense attorney and
11:45 am
doug, a prosecutor. >> the judge came out and apologized and now says he was wrong for that 30 day sentence many people thought was a huge affront. what can he do now, david? >> to give you perspective on this case. i go to courts all over southern california with a second time dui and second time shoplifter. the initial offer from the d.a. is 60 days. that's how out of control it is. he wants a rehearing. the problem is the jurisdiction is now with the court of appeal because the d.a. has appealed this sentence and really can't redo that hearing. the question is did he abuse his discretion. remember, it wasn't just 30 days, 15 years suspended with 30 days actual, which means he gets out of jail after 30 days and violates probation, the 15 years comes down on him and he goes to state prison. there's still significant legal
11:46 am
issues in this case. >> but, doug, the mandatory minimum sentence for this is two years. that still sounds inadequate, two years for raping a 14-year-old. the mandatory minimum we can also debate but he went outside of that guideline, the judge, and did this 30 year -- 30 day sentence with probation. how did he -- he was he able to circumvent the mandatory minimum? >> he wasn't. it's really two separate discussions on the one hand as david was saying. he's right. this appears to be a shockingly low sentence. from a straight legal perspective the question is did he violate a mandatory statute? it appears that he did. there does appear to be a two year minimum. the point is either a, correct that at the trial level and it has to be done very quickly and b, done by an appellate court. here, as david said, he's right,
11:47 am
since the state filed a notice of appeal the jurisdiction vests with the appellate court who will say you can't give a sentence less than two years and they remand it back. then you have your separate opinion two years is too low, that's a separate discussion. >> doug, when you say they remand it back, does that mean they remand it back to the same judge and he can correct it or go to somebody who is more qualified? >> good question. >> real quick. in federal court, it's amazing they remand it back to the same judge and everybody shakes their head saying they should have assigned toilet a different judge. in montana, i can't speak to that. >> they'll remand it to the same judge with instructions he must give at least two years. at that point, the judge won't have any choice. the question is can he still suspend that two years and give him actual time the way he did with the 15 years. i don't know about that. i know the politics of this case
11:48 am
and stupiddity of the initial sentence probably will lead him not to do. >> i don't understand. when they remand it back to him does he have to give two years or could he give 30 years? >> great question. here's the point. the statute provides that the minimum sentence is two years and the maximum is like 100 years. the judge, a, must impose nothing less than two years, and b, to answer your very good question, he can go up as high as he might want. again, it becomes and odd analysis when it's the same judge. you know, what's he going to do? who knows. he must impose at least two years. >> the danger is that in order to save face, and redeem himself the judge then over-sentences this guy and gives him something that will then be appealed again. >> right. he's going to blow with the political winds of this case, no question about it. unfortunately that happens in
11:49 am
high profile cases. he will give a sentence probably closer to 15 years, the defense will appeal it. we'll see it may come down somewhere between 2 and 15. he's going to go where he should, which is much higher obviously than 30 days. >> doug, is it time to get rid of mandatory minimum sentencing or is this a case that we need it because sometimes judges go totally off the reservation? >> it's funny because i think mandatory minimums very often work bad results and here it actually work as good result because the 30 days ge$30 days out on appeals and he gives two years. another issue referring to this particular judge is an elected official and running for re-election. sometimes that's not such a great mix either opposed to an appointed member of the judiciariry. should a judge be answering to
11:50 am
the public on this but that's another session. >> this poor young girl committed suicide. now the judge has that to deal with as well. we don't know if this was a direct result of the sentence. believe me, tremendously. >> absolutely.emendously. you can see hour heartbroken her mother is. thanks for explaining is to us. >> my pleasure. >> a big space launch. nasa heading back to the moon tonight. a live report on the mission. too big.
11:51 am
too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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11:53 am
nasa is continuing its long history of exploring our moon. it's been more than 40 years since neil armstrong was the first man to set foot there. now nasa is going back again. the latest mission, returning a
11:54 am
robotic spacecraft that will study the lunar atmosphere and if you live on the east coast you may be able to see the launch tonight. we are live in mountain view, california. >> hi, allison. nasa's previous missions focused on the moon itself. what's it made of, there is water, what's the gravity? this mission will study the lunar atmosphere in particular the sticky dust swirling up from the surface, particles that could hold the key to a decades are old mystery. the spacecraft is the lunar atmosphere dust experiment and explore sir. it will orbit for 30 days, and scientists want to know how the atmosphere enter acts with radiation from the sun. some 40 years ago the apollo astronauts reported a distinct
11:55 am
glow on the moon0s horizon just before sun rise but what cased it remains a mystery. this mission will teach them more about our nearest celestial neighbor. >> it holds the secrets of billions of years of unpressed material. things were deposited from the comets and asteroids and were untouched for billions of years, it's like a refrigerator in cold storage and all we have to do is open the door and look inside. >> the spacecraft represents pace explore asia on a budget. designed and build here in mountain view for $280 million. that's roughly half the cost of previous missions. for the first time ever in space, it will relay information using laser beams rather than radio waves, and scientists say if it works it could make the two-way communications a
11:56 am
thousand times faster than they are now. >> that would be impressive. thanks so much. president obama meeting stiff resistance as he presses his case for military action against syria. we have a look at the upcoming political debate as the president prepares to take his case directly to the american people. [ bottle ] okay, listen up!
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>> a wonderful update on the pakistani school girl who was shot in the head by the taliban. today she received the international's children's peace prize for her work promoting education for girls in her homeland. she made headlines when she was attacked on her way home on the school bus. she almost died. malala accepting the award in the hague on behalf of all children who face adversity trying to get an education. >> we'll leave you on that note. thanks for watching. have a great weekend. and you, too, shepard smith, as
12:00 pm
soon as your don't with "studio b," which starts right now. >> you, too, ali cam. the news begins anew on "studio b." showdown over syria. president obama and the russian president vladimir putin today held a surprise meeting concerning the administration's call for an attack. let's just say they agree to disagree. now the president says he is set to make his case to all of us. the former new england patriot start, aaron hernandez, accused of murdering his friend, back in court today for arraignment on murder in the first degree. how did that go? we're live, and a pair of quick-thinking teenage boys, helped to rescue a woman somebody just kidnapped. that's all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first from fox at 3:00 in new york city, president obama making his case for war to world leaders today. now he is ready to take it


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